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Thank You

Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart to your Staff, all of you.
Paula O.

The Most Beneficial Thing for Mom

I think that the knowledge that Mom will be seeing someone regularly and the opportunity to have someone other than her sister and her children to talk to will be the most beneficial thing for Mom at this point.
Best Regards,
B. Myers

by Patricia C on At Your Place Senior Care
I Sleep Better

I sleep better knowing my Mom has good care and knowing you are watching out for her.
Thank you,
Patricia C.

by Ronald & Family on At Your Place Senior Care
We Are Truly Greatful

We could not have kept her at home, where she wanted to be, any other way. For that, we are truly grateful.
With Genuine Thanks,
Ronald Family

by D. Thornton, RN & Daughter on At Your Place Senior Care
I Feel Like I Have My Mom Back

I can't believe the change in Mom since her caregiver started helping her. She not only has a caregiver; she has a friend. I feel like I have my Mom back. I can go to work without worrying about Mom.

I Wish that I'd Done This Sooner

I wanted to tell you how much this service has meant to me. My life is now virtually stress-free and it feels so good to know that my Dad is being taken care of and that I don't have to deal with the difficulties and strain and time taking my Dad to all of these appointments. I wish that I'd done this sooner. Thank you for your services!

You Truly Make a Difference

I have learned many things during this process, one of which is that you who provide services to people like my mom who need them are among that special group of people who can only be called angels. The work you do is important. How you do that work matters. You truly make a difference in the lives of those who depend on you - and in the lives of those of us who care about them. Thank you for that.

We are Grateful

Much was accomplished on my parents' behalf by your staff over the past few years and we are grateful. Thank you for your concern and for the caring way you handled our needs.Best wishes to you and your team.

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