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in-home care services provided by At Your Place Senior Care serving Vancouver WaPersonal Care Services

Independence and dignity are a high priority with At Your Place Senior Care. Our service is tailored to each of our client’s needs. We offer a full range of services to provide the perfect level of assistance at home.

Companionship and Conversation

Sometimes in life, all you need is someone to talk to. At Your Place staff provide clients with companionship over snacks or meals. Social contact is crucial to everyone’s existence and is proven to enhance seniors’ happiness, health and their quality of life.

Meal Planning and Preparation Assistance

Many Seniors have the ability to plan and prepare their own meals while others need more assistance. Our team can simply assist meal preparation or completely plan, buy ingredients and prepare meals. No matter the level of assistance needed all meals are designed around each senior’s preferences and diet restrictions.

Eating Assistance

Some seniors need help feeding themselves and our team is sensitive to the discomfort or embarrassment one can feel. We take great care to take opportunities to enhance the experience of our client’s. Each meal can be an enjoyable social time that can be fulfilling.

Bathing Dressing and Grooming

Feeling positive about an outward appearance can be a simple source of comfort. At Your Place staff can help reinforce self-esteem through grooming, bathing and hygiene assistance. We take great care to ensure the personal safety and dignity of our clients.

Bed to Chair Transference

The At Your Place Senior Care staff is trained to move and place seniors with posture positions that are safe and promote health. These procedures are highly important for our client’s health, proper transference and positioning eliminates problematic pressure areas on the skin, reduces weakening and stiffening of muscles. Correct posture encourages healthy breathing, digestion, and elimination.

Toilet Assistance

Through a caring approach, the At Your Place team strive to help lessen the embarrassment our clients may feel associated with the need for toileting assistance and incontinence. The At Your Place team works hard to uplift the dignity of our seniors while helping them to be as independent as possible.

Walking and/or Transportation

Exercise is important for everyone. The physical benefits of keeping an active lifestyle include lowering blood pressure and strengthening the heart, improving digestion, as well as increasing energy and stamina. Our staff helps our seniors with activities tailored to their own ages, physical abilities and overall health. We can remind, assist with prescribed exercises, and of course, provide encouragement.

Light Housework ( vacuuming, cleaning, dusting etc.)

Little tasks like dusting, sweeping, vacuuming are sometimes easy to neglect. These small things also can lead to embarrassment and low self-esteem which can discourage social encounters. Our staff can help our seniors with these small chores. We want to ensure they have a home fit to entertain guests.

Medication Dosage and Reminders

The At Your Place Team can help open medication containers, read medication labels for proper use instruction and dose times, as well as remind the client when to take the medication. Our staff cannot prescribe or administer medications but we can help our clients take their medications in the proper way.

Telephone Use

The telephone is an essential part of the modern world. Daily tasks are often completed over the telephone and also keeping in contact with loved ones is important to any relationship. Our trained staff can assist in dialing or communicating over the telephone.

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