Affordable In-Home Care

Serving Vancouver WA

Customizable Care & Flexible Coverage

At Your Place Senior Care offers the convenience of one flat rate. Also, we never charge extra for evenings, overnights, or weekend care, with the exception of Holiday Rates. In addition, we also offer bi-monthly billing and free in-home assessments.

Adjustable Coverage

Save money, but not at the risk of jeopardizing care. Alternative assisting Living and Memory Care facilities will have you move in and charge you additional fees for services on top of your established monthly rent. Sometimes residents of these facilities can be surprised at the end of the month with these extra charges.

Below is a chart to demonstrate how additional fees can really add up:

our competitors have hidden fees that can stack up

Keep your independence for a long as possible. Stay at home; stay independent.

One flat rate for all your care services provided by At Your Place Senior Care Serving Vancouver WA

At Your Place Senior Care won’t surprise you with additional hourly fees.

By charging one flat rate, our caregivers will provide excellent and consistent services based on the client’s needs.

Flexible Augmentable Care

The majority of individuals seeking in-home care are not ready to give up their independence and move to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility. Staying at home is not only affordable, but it is also comfortable. If you were to decide between a facility and remaining at home with assistance, we would highly recommend in-home care. In-home care allows you to maintain independence and enjoy the familiarity of your own space.

At Your Place Senior Care can give you the opportunity to age gracefully at home, with the assistance of anywhere from 2-hour visits to 24-hour care. At Your Place is here to serve you with our highly dedicated staff of compassionate Caregivers and partnerships with home health and hospice agencies.

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